Variety of Bike Pumps


If you are a bicycle enthusiast, chances are that you have a few bike pumps laying around in your home, as this is something that is necessary for every single bicyclist. There are all sorts of pumps that can be utilized, as you might have a large pump that you keep at home, but if you are going out on some long rides, as some people enjoy riding fifty to one hundred miles or more, you might also want to bring along a mini bike pump. If you lose air in your tire when you are out on a long ride, you may find yourself in a lot of trouble, so it makes sense to be prepared and have a pump with you.

SKU062521 (2)-Types of Pumps 
When it comes to pumps for bikes, there are three main types of pumps that people generally use, all of which have their benefits and their uses. Most people that ride bikes all the time have a variety of different pumps, so you might want to do some research and find out which pumps are ideal for you, or you might even want to simply order a few and see which ones you like best, as people can have different preferences.

Bike_pumpStand Pumps 
Stand pumps are very popular, and chances are, if you have been around bikes for any amount of time, you have likely seen other people use these, or have even used them yourself. They have two pedals that you can step on with each of your feet, with a vertical pump that comes upwards. You pull up the handle of the pump, after attaching the other end to your bike tire, and you simply push the pump downwards, which pumps air into the tires. These may also be called toepeak pumps, or a few other names.
Hand Pump
A hand pump is similar to a stand pump, in that there is a device that you pull out and pump back in with the same motion, but these are usually smaller and the pressure is exerted mostly with the hands. These pumps are usually a lot cheaper than stand pumps and are a lot more compact, but it takes a lot more effort to pump up a bike tire and they are without a doubt a lot more inefficient.

airpotElectric Pumps 
There are also electric pumps, but you have to be careful with these, as you do not want to exert too much pressure too fast, as you can easily blow tires up with these types of pumps, based on the fact that they force such a large volume of air out so rapidly.
Purchasing Pump 
The best way to purchase a pump these days is on the internet, as there are a huge amount of online retailers that can mail a pump to your home, just make sure they ship to your area. If you are looking for bicycle pumps in Malaysia, make sure they ship to Malaysia before purchasing your pump.


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