Why Do I Have Dark Circles Even When I’m Not Tired?



Many people in the world suffer from a condition that some refer to as “raccoon eye.” The condition causes the eyes to develop puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes. The most common reason that people have dark circles under the eyes is fatigue. However, many people get enough sleep every night and still get dark circles. The following are four reasons that you may have dark circles even though you are not tired:

1. Family Genetics

Your ancestors may be the culprits for your problem with dark circles under your eyes. The issue seems to run in certain families. Makeup can help you to cover up your dark circles if they are occurring because of genetic issues. You can use concealer eye cream, or you can use foundation or concealer as an alternative.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common reason for dark circles under the eyes. You can get dehydrated by not drinking enough liquids and by engaging in activities that dehydrated you. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and engaging in vigorous workouts can cause you to dehydrate. The best remedy for dehydration is to drink at least eight glasses of water every day of your life. You can even add a few extra glasses. Lemon juice is an excellent additive if you are not one who appreciates the non-taste of water.

3. Allergies and Illnesses

People who have allergies and illnesses often show signs of them right underneath their eyes. The dark circles often come in addition to itching and watering of the eyes. The way to combat this symptom is to take the allergy medications that you have on a regular schedule. The medication will control the body’s reaction to the histamine, and you will be able to avoid the adverse effects.


4. The Aging Process

As human beings grow older, they naturally get to lose elasticity and such. You may wake up some mornings and have very dark circles under your eyes even though you know that you got at least eight hours of sleep. If you are over 30 years old, then you may have the circles because you are getting older. You can try taking some grapeseed extract or some blood-thinning drugs to help with the puffiness and the dark circles. Alternatively, you may want to buy skin care in Malaysia online. Online stores have a wide variety of helpful products that they can offer.

Examples of Products

One of the products that you can look for in an online store is a cream product. You can buy an eye serum for dark circles and then rub it underneath your eyes at least once per day. Some products come in a stick form, which allows you to apply the product with ease. Oral supplements are other options that you have for getting rid of dark eyes circles. Your Oral supplements will have instructions for you to take them most likely once per day. Start shopping now for Malaysian products that can get rid of your dark eye circles.


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