Why Food Packaging Doesn’t List Exact Measurements for Each Ingredient


Did you ever notice that food products manufactured in Malaysia do not list all the exact measurements of all the ingredients on the packaging?  Consumers, those who run restaurants, and others in the various food industry realms of Malaysia may wonder the reason for this. Let’s look at some facts to enlighten you about this case.1

  1. Regulations are more concerned about prohibited foods as a whole

Regulations are more concerned about banned foods in Malaysian export market and the internal selling market than about the listing of the ingredients measurement on the product’s packaging. The premise seems to be that as long as the food is safe and legal, complying with set forth laws; then all exact measurements are not required to be listed. There’s exception of course, as the legislation determine that certain food products must list its ingredients measurement.2

  1. It is left up to the consumer to decide if he or she wants to eat or sell products

It is the premise that it is left up to the consumer to decide if he or she wants to eat or sell food products in Malaysia, even if all the exact ingredients are not listed on the packaging of the food products.  The consumer can at least read the ingredients to see what he or she is consuming or selling to others. After people consume the products, they will know if they want to continue to eat them or sell them on a regular basis; based on quality, nutrition, and taste. So consumer knowledge and experience regarding food items play a key role here.

Though all the exact measurements are not listed on the packaging of all food products, the good news is that food manufacturers must follow Malaysian regulations on food safety. In complying with these rules, food manufacturers use electrical measuring instruments to ensure quality and consistency in their products. Thus, for the most part, food products in Malaysia are completely safe to consume.

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